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Organizational Structure
and Responsibilities

A volunteer organization, the Hunting Retriever Club is democratically governed by a strict chain of command. The HRC Board of Directors is comprised of the Presidents of each HRC Club. The highest order in the chain is the Executive Committee, which is made up of four officers elected by the Board of Directors: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These elected officers shall constitute the Executive Committee and shall be responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining Policies and Procedures which provide for the effective and efficient management of the association as prescribed by the Constitution and By-Laws. These elected officers shall hold office for a term of two years; however no elected officer shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office, except the Secretary.

HRC President
The President serves over all meetings of the Executive Committee and the membership. Being responsible for the preservation of HRC’s founding principles, the President is given authority to create committees that will be beneficial to HRC. The President also serves as the ex officio member of every HRC committee except the Nominating Committee.

The President is the administrative head of HRC and acts under direction of the Executive Officers. The President must ask for input from Directors or other Officers before making any important decisions between National Meetings. To ensure continuity, the outgoing President serves as a voting member of the Board of Directors for the next two years.

HRC Vice-President
The Vice-President assists and advises the President in directing, coordinating and controlling the activities within HRC. The Vice-President assumes the office of President in the event of death, resignation, disability or removal of the President. The Vice-President also accepts other responsibilities as determined by the President.

HRC Secretary
The Secretary of HRC has many different roles. The Secretary keeps a record of all proceedings of the organization as well as the organization’s official membership roll. The Secretary maintains record book(s) in which minutes are recorded with any amendments to these documents properly recorded, and have the current record books on hand at every meeting. The Secretary makes the minutes and records available to members upon request. The Secretary will preside in the absence of the President and Vice President at all meetings of the association with the same power vested in the President. The Secretary will coordinate, process, and approve new clubs with United Kennel Club.

HRC Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of HRC and is required to keep the balance of the organization’s accounts as current as possible. The Treasurer makes a full financial report each year, which is audited by an Audit Committee prior to that year’s National Meeting. The Treasurer additionally processes appropriate expense reports; process funds of the Memorial Program and special events as well as many other duties.


Club Division


The Clubs in the United States and Canada are divided into several Regions, which have a Field Representative who is appointed by the President with the concurrence of the UKC. Prerequisites for appointment for Field Representative are: A) Must be a member in good standing with UKC, HRC and an HRC Associated Club; B) Must be experienced and knowledgeable in the HRC program; C) Must be a HRC Licensed AA Finished Judge; and D) Must be an avid hunter of Upland game and/or Waterfowl.

Field Representatives
Field Representatives are responsible for upholding all HRC and UKC Rules and Policies. Their duties shall include at least: Attend a minimum of 25% of the Licensed hunts of the clubs within their region to observe the overall operation and quality of the hunts; To file a Hunt Report to HRC and UKC of their overall observation of the hunt, the tests and all aspects of the club's performance in the conduct of the Hunt; If requested, to act as an arbitrator in a dispute regarding a test and assist the hunt committee in preventing or resolving problems; Coordinate, promote and instruct two Judges and Handlers Seminars within the Region each year; Attend the National Meeting each year and attend Judges and Handlers Instructor Training Sessions as may be required; Promote HRC and UKC at every opportunity within the Region; Develop opportunities to showcase HRC and UKC in such areas as Game fairs, Sport and Outdoors Shows, Media Events, UKC Registration Events; Work with the New Club Coordinator in identifying potential New Clubs, follow-up with persons receiving New Club packages and assist, as necessary, in organizational meetings, Preliminary Hunts; Coordinate the election of Regional Running Rules Committee Representatives; and Coordinate and attend an annual meeting of all HRC Clubs within his/her Region.

Field Representatives are appointed to a specific Region, however that authority is applicable to all Regions when the appointed Field Representative for a respective Region is not present. The four Officers of the Executive Committee of HRC, by virtue of the responsibilities of their office, carry the same authority and standing of Field Representatives.

Public Relations Representative
Each Region also has a Public Relations Representative who is responsible for covering HRC-related events for Hunting Retriever magazine, the official publication of HRC. Regional Representatives and a Chairman for the Committee are appointed by the President of HRC, Inc. with concurrence of the Executive Committee. The members of the Public Relations Committee must be in good standing with a local HRC Club within their Region and with the HRC. Their term of office is for two years. Public Relations Representatives are responsible for overseeing communications within the Region and directing questions to appropriate persons. Like the Field Representative, the Public Relations Representative assists the New Club Coordinator in finding and coordinating new Clubs. Most importantly, the Public Relations Representatives generate a positive image of HRC and are very active in promoting the principles of the organization.

A National Public Relations Committee Chair position was established in 2006. The National Chair oversees the Public Relations Committee Members as well as maintaining communications with New and Existing Clubs.